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It may seem strange to be passionate about photobooths, but we are!
We love how taking a picture in a photobooth freezes a moment in time.
It forces people to hold each other close and it usually makes them laugh.
Since we started Vancouver Photobooth in 2007, we have had the honor of sharing some unforgettable moments with our clients and their guests.
Our background is in photography and photo journalism, and we started the first photobooth rental company in Vancouver out of a love for the candid authenticity that photobooths provide, and the desire to put actual prints in people's hands in an age of digital photography.
Photo booths and guest photography are the only thing we offer and we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for you!
Our goal is always to take your new favorite picture. We hope that you put them on your fridge and share them with your friends. We hope that one day your kids will find the prints stuffed in a shoebox in your closet. That is the magic of a photobooth print.
This year we have three awesome options for your events!
Traditional Photobooths, Open Air Portrait Stations, and On Site Professional Portrait Studios.